About Us

13Text is a provider of smart mobile marketing solutions to corporate clients specialising in consumer to business interaction. All applications are fully automated and 24×7. Our applications engage customers via their mobile handset with our “Text2Talk”, “Click2Talk”, “Text2Buy”, “HaveYourSay”, “SMS2Campaign”, “Text2Donate”, “Phone Broadcast” and “Answer Me” applications.

13Text technology converts an SMS message into an immediate personalised return voice call. The power of our application is that once the consumer sends the SMS, our application places both the call to your potential customer and the call to your nominated back office service point, therefore you control and own the data around the time, date, customer number, call duration, keyword used. Powerful for media measurement and providing leads to advertisers at all times, even after hours (when call centres or offices are closed).  We trap EVERY single enquiry 24 x 7 x 365.

Our technology is built on a flexible platform that provides a range of complementary applications to be used in a cost effective fashion and that provides a “one stop shop” to advertisers without the need to add new hardware or software to their own IT environments. The technology can remain centralized within Australia and effectively runs our Global operations.

The 13Text process and technology is unique in the global market place and is patent protected.