13Text Applied Mobile Technology. Specialists in Targeted Multi level SMS & QR Code Marketing

PCI Phone Payments
13Text Simplified PCI Compliance. Take your staff, processes and infrastructure out of PCI scope instantly. The sensible, simplified alternative to costly ongoing PCI accreditation. Let your customers make secure credit card phone payments using keypad tones (DTMF).The customer and the agent remain in conversation throughout the whole payment process. No card holder data is passed through to your agents, call recording service or other infrastructure. The scope of your PCI compliance, and technical challenges, are now dramatically reduced. Supports both inbound and outbound calls. Level 1 PCI DSS Certified.
13Text Live Chat Live Call fully customisable plugin, that adds a bottom modal to your website that allows your website customers to either start a Live Chat session or click on a Free Call button to open a CallMe iFrame in a modal dialog window, to launch an immediate personalised Voice Call with your call centre (new customer acquisition lead or support request). The power of Live Chat Live Call, is the ability to provide in a seamless manner to your customers the options of either text chatting or speaking directly to your team as and when your customer requests to do so. This architecture enables rapid lead time deployment.
 QR Multi
13Text QR Multi is “Driving the Value” of QR Codes to the next level. Stop using one dimensional QR Codes in your offline ad creative, it’s a missed opportunity. 13Text QR Multi provides exactly the opposite. Once a QR Multi is scanned the user is presented with a fully branded customised list, of easily assessable, mobile optimized links which are relevant to what they’re looking for. As an example, from a single QR Multi scan, a user could be presented with links for company information, apps stores, PDF downloads, sponsor sites, payment gateways, surveys, videos, social media, all in the one customised view.
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13Text Text 2 Talk is a patented application that automatically transforms a simple SMS text Keyword query, into an immediate personalised Voice Call with your call centre (new customer acquisition lead or support request). SMS keywords can be added to any form of your advertising media, allowing customers to be connected to your call centre at the peak moment of their interest. A fully automated 24×7 “Real-Time” process. Text 2 Talk is a cloud based application which required no hardware, software or IT integration. This architecture enables rapid lead time deployment.
 Phone Broadcast

13Text Mass Notification provides the ability to communicate to select groups of people in a timely and effective way is vital in any organization. Any situation which requires fast mass communication, including the ability to deal with emergency situations or critical incidents, streamlined communications to select employee groups, key customers or stakeholders, even normal day-to-day operations will benefit from the use of Phone Broadcast.
13Text Click 2 Talk turns website enquiries into SALES. Puts your customers in touch with your sales team at the very moment they are most interested in finding out more about your products, whilst they are still browsing your website. Sales teams can “strike while the iron is hot”. Customers love it too. Rather than scrolling through dense information on web pages, customers can request a FREE CALL NOW with the simple click of a mouse. They’ll get an immediate personalised chat with a member of your sales team. We can also incorporate LIVE CHAT to provide the customers with a choice of engagement.
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Answer Me
13Text Answer Me is an application which ensures critical calls get answered by your Support Team each and every time, be they internal or external calls to your organisation. Perfect for Disaster Recovery or Emergency Contact situations when calls have to be answered. Handles calls quickly and efficiently using a unified notification platform with centralized contact management. Has the capability to ignore voicemail, and rules are set to guarantee that each call will be answered.
13Text Have Your Say is a fully automated voice enabled survey application (Consumers are invited to “Speak” their replies) that uses SMS, QR Codes or Website links as the survey initiation trigger. It is unique in Global market place and addresses the current limitations of paper-based and web based survey forms. Have Your Say is a completely new way to gather real feedback from consumers, at the moment they choose to provide it. It’s a far cry from online or hardcopy survey methods. Perfect as an NPS (Net Promoter Score) solution.
13Text Text 2 Buy is a patented application which allows customers to make an immediate credit card purchase initiated via a simple SMS Keyword query. Customers can SMS a keyword, scan a QR code or follow a link to receive an immediate personalised voice call that connects the customer to our automated payment gateway service. This enables the customer to complete a financial transaction to purchase goods or services. Not only do you have an easy way for customers to buy your product, you’re informed every step of the way with our reporting that provides new levels of insight into customers.
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