Answer Me
1. Situation has occurred. Need to make a vital call to the Support Team.
2. Initiate the ANSWER ME support team call request.
3. In seconds, your mobile rings and it is confirmed that you are being connected to a support team member.
4. The Answer Me application automatically calls each team member in turn (ignoring voicemail) until answered.
5. On answer the support team member confirms receipt of the call and is connected to the caller.
6. All support calls are recorded and full reporting is generated for receipt confirmation.
Say what?

ANSWER ME is perfect in Disaster Recovery or Emergency Contact situations.

ANSWER ME is able to recognise and IGNORE calls that go to voicemail.

ANSWER ME delivers the same consistent experience to both Callers and team members. Team members can be called individually or all together at the same time. Call recording and reporting is comprehensive.