1. A customer sees your online advertisement with a call to action.
2. Interested in your product, the customer clicks the button and enters their phone number.
3. In seconds, the Click2Talk application calls the customer and plays an automated message while connecting them to your call centre.
4. A member of your sales team answers the call with a targeted sales pitch, knowing exactly what the customer is enquiring about before the conversation starts.
5. The data from this correspondence is emailed to you in real time.
Just in the click of time!

Click2Talk puts you in touch with your customers at the very moment they are most interested in finding out more about your product. Your sales team can “strike while the iron is hot” and convert enquiries into sales more easily.

Customers love it too. Rather than scrolling through dense information on web pages, customers can request a call with the simple click of a mouse. They’ll get a personalised chat with a member of your sales team to learn how the product or service can benefit them specifically.