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Ever wanted to make an anonymous charitable donation without any fuss, well now you can.

Easy Donor is a simple, fast and effective way for you (the Donor) to donate to your favourite charity, appeal or disaster. Using your mobile, Easy Donor puts you in control, making it the most convenient way to make a donation, at anytime, and from anywhere.

No memberships required, no passwords to remember and you are not asked to create an account or register your credit card details.

Thanks to Easy Donor, it has never been easier to donate to your favourite charity.

All donations are securely recorded and donation receipts are instantly available to you. All donations are made from your credit card.

Easy Donor can be easily synced with your social media pages including Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to easily spread the word about your favourite charitable causes.

Easy Donor For Charities

Easy Donor is our complementary offering to our Text2Donate application.

Text2Donate allows people to take action and to donate the minute they’ve seen your advertising (in any medium) and made the decision to do it. It makes use of a way to communicate that has become the norm for consumers.

Text2Donate allows your organisation to leverage a behaviour that is carried out by consumers on a daily basis by sending an SMS message or scanning a QR Code.

Easy Donor has access to over 21 million potential donors to donate to your organisation or appeal.

Easy Donor can be incorporated into social media, Twitter and Facebook, enabling a powerful and no cost promotional medium to take off. Informing people of disasters and other events as and when they happen, increases the likelihood of much needed funding being raised.

Easy Donor Process
Using your mobile, Easy Donor puts you in control, making it simple, fast and convenient for you to make a donation to help a cause.

It has never being easier to donate to your favourite charity.

Step 1: Select your charity from the list
Step 2: Enter your mobile number
Step 3: Have your Credit Card ready
Step 4: Hit “Call Me” to donate

In approx 10 seconds your mobile will ring and you will be connected, then prompted through the donation process.

On the completion of your donation you will receive an SMS with the details required to download your donation tax receipt.

Social – Secure – Familiar More Choice – More Donations Simple – Convenient – Private

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