Have Your Say

Have Your Say
1. The customer sees your feedback invitation in any media. Direct Mail,TV ads, web site.
2. The customer either scans a QR code or sends an SMS.
3. In seconds, HaveYourSay calls the customer back at the same time as connecting them to the survey application.
4. The application asks the customer your specified survey questions.
5. The customer answers the questions by speaking.
6. These answers are recorded and sent to you via email, straight away.
Say what?

For tech-savvy customers who use their smart phones on a daily basis, HaveYourSay is an easy way to get their opinion across. All they have to do is text or scan, then talk.

For you, it’s a completely new way to gather real feedback from customers, the moment they choose to provide it.

It’s a far cry from online or hardcopy survey methods. HaveYourSay allows customers to start the conversation with you.