Mass Notification or Phone Broadcast

What is Mass Notification?

Phone Broadcast is a one to many, notification system that communicates information simultaneously to thousands of recipients, or a specific group of people depending on the trigger incident, quickly and efficiently using a unified notification platform with centralized contact management, administration, broadcast controls and full reporting capabilities. Phone Broadcast enables organizations to save time and reduce the costs of communicating with selected groups, it improves communications, ensure safety, enhance operational performance and improve customer satisfaction by streamlining accountability, escalation and closure of critical tasks that impact customer issues.

– Reach people wherever they are through multiple simultaneous contact methods
– Voice calls
– SMS notifications
– Email notifications
– Intuitive browser-based user interface
– Designed for simplicity and usability to accomplish tasks with just a few clicks
– Create unique groups of selected recipients
– Selected broadcast groups are targeted by either SMS, QRCode or website link
– Real-time monitoring of broadcast progress
– Detailed reports available through the web interface
– Detailed reports can be exported for analysis

Phone Broadcast
1. Need to broadcast that important message to your TEAM.
2. Initiate the broadcast by either SMS,QR code or website link.
3. In seconds, your mobile rings and you are prompted to record your message for broadcast.
4. The application confirms that you are ready to send the broadcast.
5. Each team member is simultaneously called and played the message.
6. Each team member also receives an SMS and an email that allows access to the message. All broadcasts are recorded And full reporting is Generated for receipt Confirmation.
Real Time Mass Notification

Need to broadcast that important voice message to your TEAM or Customer base asap. PHONE BROADCAST is the easy way to get your message across. Your message will be immediately broadcast simultaneously to ALL of your intended recipients. Voice calls, SMS and email all delivered simultaneously and ALL containing the message.

Contact lists are pre-configured and then used as and when the situation requires it.

PHONE BROADCAST provides enormous time and cost benefits whilst at the same time delivering the same consistent message to all team members or Customers.