Phone Broadcast
Phone Broadcast
1. Need to broadcast that important message to your TEAM.
2. Initiate the broadcast by either SMS,QR code or website link.
3. In seconds, your mobile rings and you are prompted to record your message for broadcast.
4. The application confirms that you are ready to send the broadcast.
5. Each team member is simultaneously called and played the message.
6. Each team member also receives an SMS and an email that allows access to the message. All broadcasts are recorded And full reporting is Generated for receipt Confirmation.
Say what?

Customers use their smart phones on a daily basis, PHONE BROADCAST is an easy way to get your message across. All they have to do is text or scan, then talk.

For you, it’s a completely new way to interact with your teams.

PHONE BROADCAST provides enormous time and cost benefits whilst at the same time delivering the same consistent message to all team members.