1. After seeing BMW’s advertising the customer sent an SMS with a keyword to request a brochure.
2. 13TExT replied to the customer, thanked them for their enquiry and asked for their contact information so that the brochure could be posted to them.
3. When the customer responded with their details, 13TExT replied to the customer again, giving them a keyword to respond with should they want to arrange for a BMW test drive.
4. Customers who wanted to arrange for a test drive responded with the keyword.
5. They were immediately called back and played a customised message while they were connected with the nearest BMW call centre.
6. As soon as the process was complete, a detailed report of all correspondence was sent to BMW’s nominated email address.
BMW’s text drive

SMS2Campaign makes use of the modern consumer’s constant companion – the smart phone.

Consumers just love using them.

Far from a tired form of communication, 20 years after the first text message was sent, consumers are sending more than ever before – some 8 trillion per year.

The idea of getting in touch via text message is now natural. SMS2Campaign allows your organisation to leverage this behaviour.

BMW knows this, which is why they used a combination of SMS2Campaign and Text2Talk to prompt customers to order a brochure and arrange a test drive.