1. You advertise with a ‘buy it now’ call to action in your campaign, giving customers a keyword to SMS, a QR code to scan or a web link to use.
2. Wanting to buy your product, the customer scans the QR code, sends a text message or enters a URL on their phone.
3. In seconds, your customer is called back and played a personalised message while they’re connected to the automated payment gateway.
4. Your customer is prompted through the purchase process and provided with a transaction receipt number, while the payment is deposited in your account.
5. A SMS is sent to the customer number and website details that allow the customer to print out a tax invoice.
6. You’re emailed with the details of the financial transaction in real time.
Instant, mobile buying

Text2Buy allows you to leverage a behaviour that millions of consumers carry out every day – using their smart phone.

Customers can SMS a keyword, scan a QR code or follow a link to receive an immediate personalised voice call that connects the customer to our automated payment gateway service. This enables the customer to complete a financial transaction to purchase goods or services.

Not only do you have an easy way for customers to buy your product, you’re informed every step
of the way with our reporting that provides new levels of insight into customers.