What is Text 2 Talk?

Text 2 Talk is a patented application that automatically transforms an SMS text query (customer acquisition lead or support request) into an immediate personalised voice call (or voice message). It provides an innovative and interactive way for potential customers to communicate with your sales and support teams. Text 2 Talk has the capability to provide our clients with new levels of insight into their customers and the return on their advertising expenditure and sales processes.

– Use SMS keywords in any form of advertising media
– Connects consumers and businesses at their peak moment of interest
– Fully automated “Real-Time” process
– Customer contact numbers are collected
– All activity is tracked and reported allowing for future on sell opportunities
– Leads to increased productivity and accountability
– “Talk” to your customers at the very moment they are most interested in finding out more about your products and services
– Transforms an SMS text query (customer acquisition lead) into an immediate personalised voice call with your sales team
– Location based features can be applied (Link a call to a particular location, based on a Post Code) perfect for multi site businesses
– Real-time monitoring of all activity
– Detailed reports available through the web interface and can be exported for analysis
– Automated daily, weekly and monthly reports available

Text 2 Talk
1. The customer sees your ad in any media. Direct Mail,TV ads, web site.
2. Interested in your product, the customer sends a text message to the mobile number you put in the advert quoting a keyword.
3. In seconds, the Text 2 Talk application calls the customer and plays an automated message while connecting them to your call centre.
4. Your Operator is talking to your customer within moments. The sales conversation begins while the customer is still excited by your advertising.
5. Text 2 Talk strategic analysis tools let you examine the response your product and price offers and media choices in real time. You can then fine tune your media buys, offers and pitches.
What the text?

Text 2 Talk makes use of the modern consumer’s constant companion – the smart phone.

Consumers just love using them.

Far from a tired form of communication, 20 years after the first text message was sent, consumers are sending more than ever before – some 8 trillion per year.

The idea of getting in touch via text message is now natural. Text 2 Talk allows your organisation to leverage this behaviour.